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Zeepow Industries is a group of animators, stop-motion and short film makers who just want to share their creativeness and interests over the Internet.
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 Getting started differently

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PostSubject: Getting started differently   Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:05 pm

Here at Zeepow Industries, we mainly focus on animation, film making and our latest and largest link, Minecrafting (Zeepow Craft).

However! If you have something else creative to share with the community please feel free to post it here. It could be Alternative animation/film, drawings/graphic design or even stories, as long as its creative and or original, we're happy with it.

Now some other rules:

- Please don't just grab some piece of work you didn't create and claim it as your own, because plagiarism will not be tolerated and the appropriate punishment shall depend on the gravity of the situation. collaborations are fine though as long as you have permission from the collaborator him/herself.

- If you don't like the way a member has expressed his/her creativity, then just ignore it, no need to flame about how much it "sucks" in your opinion. However please feel an obligation to notify an admin if a members way of expressing creativity is what you and others consider inappropriate.

- One last thing, if a member simply asks for help, please, if you have time, give them some CC or insightful comments on how to improve or fix certain aspects of whatever they are doing.

Other than that, have fun and get out there and share that creativity with everyone.

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Getting started differently
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